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Perhaps the most pathetic behavior of the modern male (esp. teenage) geek, this term refers to the tendency of male geeks to become irrationally infatuated with nearly any girl who is willing to speak to them, eben if such occurances are not really all that rare.
He thought that she was his soul-mate, but it was really just a geek crush.
by Nimrod June 26, 2004
Despite being from Nashville, a cool girl who hangs out in various channels in IRC(Gplus, Animeparadox, sazanquest) who knows her stuff about hockey, baseball and anime and flirts with guys like a mad woman.
Tunks is watching the hockey and wishing Dormin was with her.
by Nimrod June 07, 2004
viking warriors who would put a tight strip of leather around the the scrotum which would constrict blood flow to the testicles and cause a heightened resistance to pain or injury and make them nearly unstoppable in battle.
those berserkers must've had sore nuts all the time
by nimrod April 22, 2005
IE, turd, crap, poop, poo.
Damn, look at the size of that shitstick!
by Nimrod March 26, 2003
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