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Referring to a woman's vagina. If used to refer to a male being a dick wallet it is calling one a homo sexual. Also noted as the storage space for ones dick.
1. Wow i would like to make a deposit in her dick wallet.
2. Dude your a fag you dick wallet.
by Nilsson February 17, 2008
someone who is constanly adding to urban dictionary
i would consider myself a urbdicionar
by Nilsson February 24, 2008
used to define a black males penis.
Joyce i couldnt handle his african wild cock.
by Nilsson February 24, 2008
referred to as spare tire that resembles the shape of a doughnut often seen on Mexicans vehicles.
i have flat tires but can take me to get some mexican doughnuts
by Nilsson February 24, 2008
Someone who will nonstop post bulletins on myspace. Usually one does not have a life and makes it a full time profession to incriminate or embarrass themselves.
i will tell everyone how i maturbated 10 minutes ago god i am such a bullitener.
by Nilsson February 24, 2008
term used to describe the action of crumpling up a dollar bill and throwing it at a stripper while she/he is on stage.
Hey whoever can hit a stripper in the head with a buck shot first gets a lap dance on me.
by Nilsson March 03, 2008
a disease commonly caught by having sexual realtions with one by the name of tera.
dude i fucked tera and have leigh disease.
by nilsson February 18, 2008

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