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A position in the KKK marching band in the wind section. The klugle plays the flugelhorn, an instrument similar to a cornet.
Maynard used to be First Klugle in the Arkadelphia KKK marching band but as the result of a big Hebrew conspiracy was dismissed for playing a kornet instead of a flugelhorn.
by nilpferd July 27, 2003
Cruising the web for porn.
Kevin popped No-Doz to enhance his dirty time.
by nilpferd July 13, 2003
A female syncophant.
Polly repeats everything the boss says trying to suck up...she's apparatchik.
by nilpferd August 07, 2003
An obnoxious person.
Tom Greene is a scrot.
by nilpferd July 13, 2003
A Anglicised word for the French word Maggard.
Rob is said to be a maggot.
by nilpferd July 13, 2003
Twelve dozen.
"The square root of 'gross' is 'dozen', said Mr Dovetonsils cleverly.
by nilpferd August 10, 2003
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