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13 definitions by nilpferd

Cruising the web for porn.
Kevin popped No-Doz to enhance his dirty time.
by nilpferd July 13, 2003
A run-together word: " it is worded"
The Reverend Bob pounded the pulpit and said, "Sworded rat cheer in the Bible..."
by nilpferd August 11, 2003
An obnoxious person.
Tom Greene is a scrot.
by nilpferd July 13, 2003
A Anglicised word for the French word Maggard.
Rob is said to be a maggot.
by nilpferd July 13, 2003
A female syncophant.
Polly repeats everything the boss says trying to suck up...she's apparatchik.
by nilpferd August 07, 2003
Twelve dozen.
"The square root of 'gross' is 'dozen', said Mr Dovetonsils cleverly.
by nilpferd August 10, 2003