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Piss weak lager.
I was driving later, so I stuck to the Pudding Lager.
by Nic September 25, 2003
Driving really fast on a street with a very modest speed-limit. Usually in a crappy car.
Man, i saw steve schmobbing his pinto the other day.
by Nic August 25, 2003
A variation of the phrase "oh man!". Originated from a mispronounciation of the aforementioned term in very specific societies.
"Oh men! Why can't he just say Oh Man?"
by Nic August 07, 2005
the hottest man in the world with the sexiest voice.
no one else compares to him
by Nic March 08, 2004
A buddy-buddy Br.commer who feigns a deep knowledge on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to act as though he has something to be the authority on.
Jaood is such a br.comer - groundlobp
by Nic March 19, 2003
A person who overuses the filter effect in Adobe Photoshop, hardly using any other tools.
His graphics may look good, but he is just another filterwhore.
by Nic February 13, 2005
Originating from the words short and skirt. Once added together Skortal becomes a word for a girl/boy wearing an extremely short article of clothing.
The "al" at the end is linked with a very popular slang word boobal
Woah, i can see that chicks panties because she is wear a skortal.


Your a skortal head.
by Nic August 04, 2004

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