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4 definitions by neveryoumind

to jonze for. to crave, want, need. like a pregnant woman in need of food.

to want something, so bad, you need it. immediately
i'm jonzing for some artichoke pasta.
by neveryoumind February 17, 2005
74 24
the act of being lazy, and putting things off.

taking things lightly, and too casually.

to sleep on it
i told her she has to take the cat to the vet, but she sleeps on it
by neveryoumind February 17, 2005
46 26
Annoying no-lifes who monitor eBay auctions all day before placing a bid at the very last second to prevent anyone else from getting the item, causing frustration and despair to failed bidders.
"YES, 5 seconds to go and that laptop is mine! All for £50!"
"What the shit? Bitch! Some bastard eBay sniper sniped me at the last second!"
by NeverYouMind December 01, 2013
3 0
comes from the wolof (african tribe) word "to see" or to be englightend.

the history of america
see HIP: the history by: john leland
by neveryoumind February 17, 2005
23 44