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8 definitions by neverdone

Verb: To have an orgasm produced by the friction of cock and pussy, hand, mouth or anus
Noun: The whitish, milk like fluid that is propelled from the tip of the cock during orgasm. This fluid also has a variety of tastes but has a unique musky, cum-specific odor readily identified by those who have smelled it.
My wife asked me if I was about to cum after a few minutes of pinching my cock at its base and moving her fingers up and down on the erect shaft. I shouted a response about why she asked the question and she said I was getting huge in her hand and she wanted to suck the cock as it came. That comment (and her skill) made me cum and she sucked down almost all the cum except for seed pearl like speck that landed in her eyelid and made her blink it away.
by neverdone December 24, 2007
During oral sex, the perfect end to a blow job when your lady traps and firmly holds your cumming cock with her lips and does not let a single drop escape from being sucked down. While you are still cumming, the lady runs her fingers from the root of the cock to the head so that no cum is left in the erection. She sucks out all cum from the cock before removing her fingers. If she is generous and is asked nicely, she may lick up any cum that may drip from the cock as it get smaller. As a gift, she may take the limp, spent cock in her mouth one last time and suck out the last droplets.
A blow perfect can be difficult to achieve if you have not cum in five or six days because the clear watery fluid that usually precedes your ropy jism may be easily lost if you do not shout out that you are about to cum or that your missus does not feel the cock begin to explode and is slow to get her lips around the cockhead. This is when the first watery cum that shoots out can be irretrevably lost by landing on her face or boobs.
I asked the missus for a blow job and because I almost begged for it she gave me a blow perfect by not letting any cum be lost.
by neverdone December 27, 2007
A naughty thing to try while eating your lover's pussy. When her orgasm transports her from this time and place, remove your hands from holding her pussy open for better eating. Move your hands to her heaving breasts and take her marble hard nipples rub them between the nails of your thumb and forefinger. Do it harder as her orgasm crests and breaks but not too hard or she will feel what you are doing. After she finishes cuming, and you move on to genital fucking, she may mumble that her nipples are a little sore. This may make you smile. I always do.
While I was eating my wife's pussy, I thought about sneaking a pinch on her hard nipples as she came. A I pinched them, she shouted so loudly, it made my ears ring.
by neverdone January 22, 2008
Noun: A man or woman who cries out very loudly at the onset, during and after cumming. Not so sharply piercing as a screamer in the same context.
My lady classified herself as a shouter as she cried out "Oh, no. No, no, no, no! as her orgasm built and exploded. She shouted louder as her orgasm escaped from her body and I told her that I could see the head of my cock at the back of her throat as she opened her mouth wide to shout. She then gave a few calmer shouts as the orgasm departed.
by neverdone December 26, 2007
1. Inability to pay attention to discussions of importance at home or at work.

2. Blurred vision caused by intense orgasms usually the result of skilled oral sex or fucking. A man or woman may have a vacant look or not be able to see clearly after fucking and even after dressing and joining friends or business associates.
A pal may lean over to you at a party and say that Sarah looks like she has a loss of focus and suggests that she and Bill have been in a back bedroom balling each others eyes out.
by neverdone January 17, 2008
Phrase: Usually occurs during cuming when a lady does not release her grip on the cock at its base. Cum cannot spurt out into her pussy because her fingers block the flow. She has the pleasure of feeling the cock pulsate in her hand as it struggles to void the jism, but the male orgasm cannot be its most intense. Total orgasmic pleasure is directly related to the unrestricted flow of cum into and through the cock shaft.
My wife gripped me too long the other night. She had bad timing and held the cum in my body just a little too long before it erupted as a I blew a nut and flooded her pussy. I am going to have to work harder on better timing, but she is often a naughty lover and does not concentrate well when cuming. May be I will have to beg louder.
by neverdone January 18, 2008
An intense physical reaction that signifies the end of successful sex of many different kinds. Indicated by moans, sighing, sharp cries and shouts and by movement of a body part into another person or the motion of a body part stimulated manually. Orgasms originate in the body in the course of daily life. They develop naturally in the body while eating or sleeping or working and are not planned. An orgasm in the male is accompanied by the discharge of white bindu or in the female by the discharge of red bindu according to Indian belief. A person may contain more than one orgasm at any one time and these may be released by successive sexual acts often with only a short time between them. Orgasms are freedom-seeking and sexual acts give them their release from the human form. Shouting and/or screaming during orgasm is the sound of their departure.
Mavis and I were reading the other night and when I looked at her boobs she knew what I wanted and put down her book. After foreplay and fucking, we had simultaneous orgasms and then within 30 minutes I ate her and she had another orgasm. What is great is that more orgasms will begin to form in us and they will need to be freed.
by neverdone April 03, 2008