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When a woman inserts sand in her vagina before sex to give the male a sandy suprise.
"Man i was about to bang suzy last night but she gave me the old Boston Sandtrap"
by negroshima January 05, 2007
A phrase that nintendo backers use to insult PSP users by saying that they have terrible lithium ion batterys.
Nintendo Nub: *Battery Dies*
PSP Nub: *Pen in eye*
by negroshima January 05, 2007
1)When a man has elephantitis of the testicles and they become the size of a grapefruit.

2)When a man gets laid a lot and people blame it on his 'Vanarial Grapefruit's.

Dude that guy has got some 'Vanarial Grapefruit'.
by negroshima January 05, 2007
A verb used to describe just about anything, mainly used to describe masturbation
I was fieging last night until my dick went raw and i ran outta lotion

You're such a fiege dude

Stick it up your fiege and feel it around until your shit falls outta your ass
by negroshima January 05, 2007
When you crave sex and attempt to masturbate when you don't have an erection.
"I had a Napoleon's Erection last night and I made love to my little sister's teddy bear."
by negroshima January 05, 2007
1) When a woman is preforming fellatio and the man blows a load so hard it actually makes a hole in the back of the womans head and he precedes to place kryptonite in the hole that has been made by a giant load of super semen. AKA dry or very thick semen
"Man i pulled a superman shotgun on Lois Lane last night"
by negroshima January 05, 2007
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