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The shittiest, most under cared for shopping centre in Campbelltown as of circa 2001 (it all went downhill from there).

The centre is infested with two dollar shops, and consists of: a wannabe Big W, rundown stores, an incomplete Woolies, a dead food court and just general debris.

When it rains, they put out buckets to catch the water seeping in through the holes in the ceiling. Niiiice.
Supermarket employee: One time on my way to work at Minto Mall, i tripped over a bucket and water splashed everywhere. It was embarassing.

Minto Mall is a target for wacky shoplifters and thieves.
by naz*dawg August 16, 2009
A crooked/slanted penis. Also derivative of p33n.
Sheree: Gerard Way has a crooked penis...
Naomi: Yep, he has a cr33n.
by naz*dawg May 10, 2008
Incestual relations between any members of the vampire Cullen family: Edward, Emmet, Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, Carlisle and Esme.
Slash fics with say, Jasper/Edward pairings = Cullencest.
by naz*dawg December 15, 2008
Similar to weiner, weenus, but with 3s, like p33n's brother.
Pete's p33n.
Gerard Way's cr33n.
Mickey Wai's microscopic w33n.
by naz*dawg October 11, 2008

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