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Of or being included in incest.
I come from an incestual past.
I am partaking in incestual activities.
by Randy Murray July 28, 2003
38 19
The act of being sexually attracted to your own family.
God DWAM my daddy be lookin hot in those jeans.

I haven't been this attracted to someone since my brother was around.

I know my kid is only 6 but holy shit it's tsunami down there.

I was born and incestual...it's not my fault.
by IFUCKKIDS April 07, 2014
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A synonym for gross, sick, and disgusting.

Not to be confused with incestuous, which actually pertains to incest.

"Eww I don't want to see your scab dude, that shit is incestual"
by D&N October 16, 2008
4 16