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In Michigan bottles and cans of pop and beer or other carbonated beverages can be returned for 10 cents each at any local grocery store. It is the highest "bottle deposit" in the country. People in Michigan usually collect all their empty cans or bottles and when they are broke return them to the store to buy more beer.
Person 1: "Dude the party is over, we are all out of bud light and cash.."
Person 2: "Nah man, we can just return the cans I have been saving these past two weeks as my Michigan Beer Fund. we can get another 12 pack!"

Person 1: "Wooh Michigan!"
by nate-dawg-dizzle February 18, 2010
pretending your iPod touch is an iPhone to look cool, by either using apps to make it look like an iPhone or just holding it your head like one.
person A:"hey when did ben get an iPhone?"
person B: "he didn't, he is holding his iPod touch up to his ear"
person A: "what an iPhoney..."
by nate-dawg-dizzle November 29, 2009
Robot slang for "I don't know" generally followed by an exploding head.
"does not compute, does not compute... *BOOM*"
by nate-dawg-dizzle December 07, 2009
Someone who is way to good at the game fishville on facebook.
person A. "Rachel plays fishville all the time she is level 50"
person B. "Wow she is a real fishvillian."
by nate-dawg-dizzle November 29, 2009
Used as an excuse to treat the person who made you mad like shit for an indiscriminate amount of time due to the perceived justification of the anger.

Generally used by girlfriends against their boyfriends. Over the other often more mature options of talking about it and coming to a reasonable solution.
Boyfriend joked about the girlfriend being stubborn.
Girlfriend claims "I have the right to be mad!!!
Boyfriend proceeds to get the silent treatment and sleeps alone for 2 days.
by nate-dawg-dizzle March 01, 2010
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