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Anglicized pidgin German. The grammar and syntax remains mostly anglicized, while the words consist primarily of German words, or nonsense words that appear German yet have anglo origins. While sounding and appearing German, to a native German speaker Germglish is full of anglicized idioms that only make sense if translated literally into English. Germglish is mostly understood by native German speakers, but sounds nonsensical and will often result in laughter from a native German speaker. Native English speakers knowledgeable in German will understand it immediately, with a lesser tendency to make fun if it.
Wast herauf? (What's up?) - this is English idiomatically translated into German, therefore, it's Germglish. It combines "Was" (what) and "ist" (is) into the contraction "Wast" (What's), a nonexistent German word, followed by "herauf" (up). This is improper and completely nonsensical in German. The proper German form would be "Wie gehts?"
by nasendusch April 15, 2008
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