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A white woman who chooses to only, or most often, sleep with the blackest of men. Hence the term, "Night Rider".
Dude, that chicks a dirty fucking Night Rider.

Whoa, Emily, easy there on the night riding.

Yo, that chicks rides the night like there's no tomorrow.
by nan March 03, 2005
Someone born North of the Mason Dixon line and moves to the South.
A Damn Yankee moved in next door.
by Nan December 08, 2003
A community of insane individuals who love video games, anime, and most of all alcohol. Well known as the enemy of AWA, and total badasses FUJIKOMA OWNZ YOU
by Nan June 02, 2003
A person that signs yearbooks.
Don't frown while wearing that crown Hoochie McBoobs came to town to sign your yearbook upside down.
by Nan February 13, 2005
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