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A member of the British Royal Military Police. Probably the world's most proffesional and well respected police force.
There was severe rioting in the city last night until they sent the Redcaps in.
by muffindamule October 05, 2006
To believe in Bud. From Bud -(the shortened form of a brand of beer popular in the USA) and ism - belief
I'm giving up bourbonism and taking up budism. It's cheaper and healthier !
by muffindamule October 05, 2006
muffindamule is a misreprentation of a sexual deviation known only to the gentle folk of Ireland. A bit like dobbin the donkey.
Q. Woi's the lazy bastard always late doing the milking ?
A. He's been muffindamule to be sure !
by Muffindamule October 02, 2006
A johnny or johny is a term used to describe a condom.
I will only let you dip your stick if you use a johnny.
by muffindamule October 05, 2006
A soldier or officer of a cavalry regiment.
I can't read or write but I've got really wealthy parents so I'm going to become an officer with the donkey wollopers !
by muffindamule October 05, 2006
A clever fellow who, given the opportunity, milks the state in that he or she applies for and receives all available state or EU subsidies regardless of entitlement.
Well, shiver me timbers, if it's not another subsidy milker !
by Muffindamule October 04, 2006
To turk is to have sexual intercourse. As simple as that !
Those two have been turking each other I feel sure !
by Muffindamule October 01, 2006

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