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Penis. See also to dip ones stick.
I saw his dipstick in the moonlight and my word did I get a fright. And that on a saturday night !
by muffindamule October 06, 2006
People who think they hate jews but in reality do not even know what a jew is. Also notorious for their dislike of people with a skin colour not matching their own. The average neonazi has an IQ invertly proportional to their boot size and a penis to match.
Oh shit, I've failed to graduate in the University of Life. I'm a plain and simple dumbhead. I think I'll become a neonazi so people will have to respect me !
by Muffindamule October 01, 2006
Dirty,filthy,unclean. Truly grotty.
That shirt you are wearing is absolutely honking !
by muffindamule October 05, 2006
To elect for early retirement from a police force or other civil service (often on health grounds) rather than wait for the results of a disciplinary hearing likely to have a detrimental effect on ones career prospects. Plodrodgering was particularly prevalent in the British Met. Police in the mid 1990s but has become less so recently following a government clampdown.
Do you think that incompetent berk will get the boot after the hearing Noddy ?
No Chief, I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't already decided on plodrodgering !
by muffindamule October 24, 2006
To ram it in Sanet means to make love to a goat on the Spanish Costa Blanca (WanKa).
Ramit in Sanet and I'll bet you'll never forget it
by Muffindamule October 02, 2006
The female genitalia.
The hair round her dickie dido hang down to her knees !
by Muffindamule October 01, 2006
Billericay was the home of the pilgrim fathers. It was ,and still is, the home of my father who has never been a pilgrim.
The next train leaving platform two stops at Ilford, Romford, Brentwood, Shenfield, Billericay and all stations to Southend.
by Muffindamule October 01, 2006

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