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Up and coming town in "Essex in London". Ideally located for City workers, it's a much better place to be than the grimy inner city.
Ilford is a seriously cool, multicultural area.

Ilford is part of London, but is also quite self-contained, having for instance its own great little theatre.
by .l May 12, 2014
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The location of this place is London it is a small town within the county of essex it is commonly associated with skets and playaz and a lot of sterotypical wanabez . The area is also known as the endz which is a far fetched distortion of the truth which is merely it is a town also full of old people hu need lukin afta
oiii blad u goin down ilfrd
yeh blad I am goin down 2 cinewurld nd jaks den I am gona c my grandma
by "GaNgStA" - ha ha June 28, 2004
There are bere skets and players around here but there are also very piff and blessed people! This area is small but you can still have fun down these ends! This area has mainly Asian backgrounds and the best is obviously the Pakistanis and afghans! There's some moist people down here:/ If you don't like this area WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? Fuck outta it! Bitches will always remain bitches.
Wana go cineworld?

Yeah let's go ilford.
by Zooma da DON February 11, 2012
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