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2 definitions by mudrun

Nickname for LeBron James after he left Cleveland to play for Miami and loosely used words like "championship" and "dynasty" as if they had already happened. They had, just not for LeBron as he helped drag his team down in the 2011 finals loosing to the Dallas Mavericks.
Who would have thought Miami's run for the 2011 NBA finals would be a "LeBust." Also can be used for an individual who lacks respect within their field of expertise, whether that be at work or elsewhere.
by mudrun June 15, 2011
A variation of the "LeBruise" or for that matter any minor injury that highlights Lebron's lack of toughness, excuse-making, whiny, attention-seeking, and crybaby nature that many people have come to dislike in the "King".
Jamie: Did you see LeSprain sit against Utah while the HEAT got it handed to them.

Bob: Ya, a significant amount of NBA players play all season long with their ankles taped...LeSprain is not the king of pain. If he had played he could have just blamed a bad performance on the sprain (like the bruised elbow last year "LeBruise").
by mudrun January 14, 2011