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the state with the best college campus ever: Madison
the place where the liquor flows like water, and we all drink it thusly. lightweights need not apply.
the cheese and brats are good, the beer is decent- read: drinkable.
milwaukee is okay, and i'm not even getting started on the packers issue.
like it or not, the state is very similar to illinois... cept all the cops up here have sticks up their asses when it comes to driving.
why is it that cops don't have a problem with college drinking... but as soon as someone goes 2 mph over the speed limit, they get nabbed with a ticket? go fig.
by mtc28 April 27, 2004
used to indicate something very wrong...
1. used to interrupt someone that is talking about something you do not want to hear about. (only first three nos are needed)
2. indicating something very wrong (incorrect) was just said
sometimes accompanied by hand guestures, or a waving finger.
Girl 1: So last night i was alone in my house with my boyfriend when he star--
me: no no no... i do not want to hear about you screwing your BF
Girl 1: no no no, no no, no... i did NOT screw him
by mtc28 April 09, 2004
the act of spooning and forking at the same time. rather hard to do, i might add. in simpler terms... making out, cuddling, and having sex all at the same time.
not to be confused with the utensil spork
~dude, pass me that spork over there.
~i sporked your mom last night...
by mtc28 May 03, 2004
one of many "Smitty-isms"... see also touche
used when sarcasm is implied in a statement... the typed-out equivalent to the eye movement
Smitty: yes! you sleep with bret, and you like it... *shifty eyes*
me: err... yes... ew, you're done...
smitty: hahaha, ew
by mtc28 April 13, 2004
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