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The feeling of shivers down your spine, or the hair on the back of your neck rising. Usually used in reference to something scary (common usage), but can also be used in reference to something gross or stomach-churning (rare usage).
Walking through the cemetary at night gives me the heebie-jeebies.
by Msquared May 26, 2003
Uncommon abbreviation for heebie-jeebies.
See example under heebie-jeebies
by Msquared May 26, 2003
When a basketball player uses only one hand to create the commonly-referenced "three-goggles" after making a three pointer. The gesture is made by putting the okay sign (a circle made from your thumb and index finger, with other three fingers outwards) up to only one eye, Mr. Peanut style.
Wow, Kevin Durant's on fire tonight - he even busted out a Three Monocle after his 4th trey!
by msquared June 09, 2012
When a joke is so bad you have to refer to it as a 'moben joke', this is the epitome of shitness.
"Friend A: What did one fish say to the other?
Friend B: I don't know...
Friend A: 'Whats a nice plaice like you doing in a girl like this'
Friend B: Dude, that was a Moben Joke..."
by MSquared February 10, 2012
The legitimate theft of potato chips from one's friends and colleagues. The thief will usually utter the phrase "chip tax" while stealing the chips. Uttering thae phrase "chip tax" while stealing someone's chips gives the thief immunity for the theft. This is a specific variant of yoink and is related to tax (steal sense)
John uttered the magic phrase "chip tax" while stuffing his mouth full of a handful of my chips.
by Msquared March 14, 2003
a school of technology made specifically for people that like technology, or for people who dont know what school to go to. it is only the fourth circle of hell for one who is too stupid too realize that high tech high is going to get u into college.
Hey man! i ono wat school to go to...
Go to High tech high
by Msquared April 15, 2005
An easier way to refer to the corporate giant Wal-Mart.
Q: Where did you get that shirt?
A: At The Wall.
by Msquared October 20, 2004
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