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An insulting term for someone who is simultaneously a "douche"
(i.e., an asshole, jerk, jackass) and a "retard." Expresses both unpleasantness of personality AND stupidity at once.
That asshole is too dumb to even come up with a coherent insult. What a douchetard.
by Mr. X April 04, 2005
A picture that headlined a 1984(I believe) National Geographic cover.
Known for haunting green eyes.
by Mr. X January 26, 2005
I know you may have heard this before, but pissed, in Britain, means to be drunk.
"Goddamn, My good man. I am so pissed, I can't drive home tonight!"
by Mr. X December 05, 2004
Hawaiian classic: 2 scoops rice, one scoop macaroni salad (or toss salad sometimes), plus one kind meat. Can be teri beef, bbq chicken, chicken katsu, mahimahi, kalbi, etc.
Popular plate lunch places include L&L, Zippy's, Hawaiian Drive-Inn, and more.
I went to Mitsuken's and got da kine plate lunch.
by Mr. X September 11, 2005
Utah-speak for hella. "Hella" is hella better than "way".

syn. Hella, very, totally, extremely, etc.
That car is way cool!
by Mr. X November 05, 2004
To have snorted something.
Dude, that shit we railed last night was good!
by Mr. X February 20, 2005
Airsoft (Air-Soft) Nazi (nah-tsi) n.

One whom removes the fun from shooting people with pellet (correct spelling) guns.

Normaly an Ok person until a douche(correct spelling) bag informs him of the shootings.
Mom, the Airsoft Nazi is at the door.
by Mr. X January 22, 2005

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