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The O.G.....Ayatollah Tannenhaus

Slayer of the merse, snorter of the white gold, ice master, the once and future king...Dave Tannenhaus.
"Yo, O.G., you ice that foo yet?"
by Mr. Fields May 05, 2005
when you stress too hard on the toilet seat that you push your ass all the way through the seat
"Lip had a slippery donut while trying to shit a big one on the can"
by Mr. Fields May 04, 2005
The act of having a veloceraptor tear a whole in your anus and lay its eggs inside, then having them hatch and come out, thus creating an ass raptor
"Oh man, i came into the Gutter and saw Fields getting a slippery raptor, now im blinded for life"
by Mr. Fields May 08, 2005
The act of sticking your ass in someone else's ass.
"Yo, Mr. Fields threatened to stick his ass in my ass"
by Mr. Fields May 04, 2005
The spot located between one's ribs or underneath ones arm pits. When stimulated, can cause jittering motions and/or seizures. Some are immune to the skeet spot. Poking them in their skeet spot only produces a pain in the ribs, whereupon they will msot likely knock you out. If someone is affected by stimulating their skeet spot, it can be a very effective way to make a fool out of someone or escape capture by the police.

Can also be used as a battle cry.
"Dylan hooded me yesterday so I got him in his skeet spot and he started to have a seizure on the bus."

by Mr. Fields May 13, 2005
A phrase commonly used by a slightly mental young man who remarkably resembles a smelly cave-dwelling mammal. Used to express great amounts of anger and frustration when no other words will come to mind. For best results, combine with the phrase "dont even swell". Feel free to add other words as you see fit.
"I get laid"
"Are you sure? I cant think of anyone who would want to do something like that to you."
by Mr. Fields May 08, 2005
(Verb)-Can be substituted for any verb, adjective, or noun in the english language.

Can also be put at the end of a sentence to make it a question.
"I couldn't even if".
"Should you if"?
by Mr. Fields May 16, 2005
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