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an all boy school in phoenix arizona that is known for being superior in all sports and academic competitions known to man
Man #1: Dude, Brophy just kicked the shit out of St. Mary's
Man #2: Whoop-dee-frickin-do-da they do that every year.
by Peter Faber July 16, 2009
When a guy pulls such a bro move for his guy friend that he deserves a trophy for it.
Guy 1: Dude, Mike was such a bro for not letting me go home with that horrible looking chick.

Guy 2: Yeah he deserves a brophy.
by BigSlim January 11, 2013
a sexually transmited disease (STD) that is caused by a parasitic worm; in which the worm in may irritate hair follicles and cause genital warts to form in men. In woman, the virus is doomant.

The only known cure for Brophies is to be treated by Josh Pindell. Josh's methods are unknown but very effective.
Kenny- "My balls itch!"

Brandon- "Dude, I think you got Brophies from all those girls you've been smutting with."

Kenny- "Damn."
by MD Edwards November 19, 2010
Performing a dental cleaning (prophy) on a bro, often because you are too afraid to clean a regular patient's teeth.
Guy: Man I have no idea how to clean teeth!
Dude: You should totally invite your bro down and just do a brophy. They are way less stressful.
Guy: True that brohan, I'm going to cut his gums up!
by Streetdentist10 April 09, 2009
a very expensive rare drug rarely found among drug dealers. causes very dangerous sideffects
OMG, he had to sell his villas and 14 mercedes to get a tiny taste of brophy. But he was hospitalized afterwards.
by gabbers828 November 17, 2007

Similar to the term "Broseph", used as a term of endearment to describe another member of your crew, specifically one you hold in high regard, like a trophy.
Yeah, this is the 902 Hold Down Crew. Andrew Neville? Yeah I know him, he's my Brophy Wife.
by C. Nicolle May 02, 2006
Sexy, fiery, fun. She will knock you dead when you see her on the steets. Also known to light up the room in any situation.
This young philly is so Brophy son.
by Enizzfoshizz October 31, 2007
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