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24 definitions by mos def and talib kweli are blackstar

a great basketball player. best on defensive, mad large afro, plays for teh detroit pistons. Scary as hell. Last mother fucker i would want to see in a alley by myself, though outside basketball is a very nice person. Said to be able to curl like 400 pounds, though i don't belive it.
Ben wallace is a damn good basketball player
A person who travels behind a group of populaire people trying to fit in. Often the group is aware and tries to cut the person off of all conversation. Also many time the group may be to polite to express their hatred for this person who was never invited.
F***, thomas has been walking behind us trying to hang out with us for teh longest time, he is such follower.
Cutting the pubic hair area. Can be reffered to for both men and women.
i have heard of trimming the hedges, but you have damn scorched teh earth
50 cent is a wanksta. he has been shot but he ain't never done any shootin.
50 cent is calling jarule a wanksta but really he 50 is also a wanksta
Slang for know-it-all of smart ass. If you were to say something and someone was to reject what you said by proving it wrong you would call him/her a sass mouth.
'Dude, trust me your wrong.'
'Quit giving me your sass mouth.'
see also mushroom bruise and mushroom tatoo. It is the mark on a woman(or man), after being whipped by an erect penis.
did you see the mark on her face?, that must've been a blue mushroom
This is the world best rapper not rappers. The one and only tupac is the best rapper there will ever be. Talib kweli, mos def, black thought are also incredible.
Missy elliot sucks. Tupac is unamtched. talib kweli is ver much underrated, though not with real hip hop/rap fans