24 definitions by mos def and talib kweli are blackstar

This is the world best rapper not rappers. The one and only tupac is the best rapper there will ever be. Talib kweli, mos def, black thought are also incredible.
Missy elliot sucks. Tupac is unamtched. talib kweli is ver much underrated, though not with real hip hop/rap fans
A more appropriate substitue for smart ass, correct spelling is elick.
teacher: hey you in the back, quit being a smart aleck.

Alec(boy in the back: my name is alec.

Thsi actually happened in my class it was damn funny
1) The process of urinating.(better used as 'taking a leak')
2) To tell on some one, to rat out, to tattle tale, to tell other wise unknown information to get someone in trouble.
1)Hey where is Timmy
Oh he is out back leaking.

2)I just saw Timmy cheating on his SAT's I'm totalling leaking that shit.
a good time had with friends and a bunch of beers.
Last night was a brew ha ha, it was fuckin fun
A racist term for first nation's people. Used espicially in Canada where there is a large population of first nations people. Nate abbrv. of native which alos a word used to describe first nations people.
Hey look at the nate dog over there, don't mess with him.
Rap group consisting of an mc and a dj, mc-Mr Eon, Dj-Dj might mi. Great underground sound. Featured on a tony hawk pro skateboarding game. Signed by rawkus records which is one the best underground labels, with the like of company flow, mos def, talib kweli, blackstar(mos def AND talib kweli)
the cd home field advantage by high and mighty is an awesome album.
Fuck eminem. the true rappers are mos def, common, talib kweli, kanye, classified, eyedea, black thought, riq gees, TUPAC,nas, bone thugs and harmony, benefit.
Eminem is not true nor are 50, llloyd banks, young buck, ludacris..the list goes on

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