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When a particular sound or piece of music appeals to the listeners ear so much, that the listener experiences a state of euphoria usually with tingles down the spine towards the knees.

Can also cause the listeners hair to stand up on the back of their arms.

There is no sexual relation.
Aww man, this part of this song gives me audiogasms!
by oodLes January 19, 2006
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The feeling that you may experience when listening to a song that interests you. This feeling will most commonly occur when listening to a song that makes you happy or excited, or when listening to a song for the first time.
That song was amazing, I think I just had an audiogasm
by Brynlar. October 24, 2010
A point where audio stimulation reaches such an intense level that the brain rewards the body with an orgasm in the ear.
An audiogasm can be achieved when-

1. A girl is talking extremely dirty to a male on the phone.

2. Listening to a solo from the guitar of any of these guitarists- Jimi Hendrix, Sinister Gates, Carlos Santana, John Frusciante, Hermon Lee, Johnny Greenwood.
by uwanttruthitellz May 10, 2009
An audio induced orgasm

Generally the result of several hours of pron followed by death metal
"Puritania gave me an audiogasm"
by Moop December 04, 2004

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