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having an internet connection so slow that u transmit and receive data as fast as the hubble space telescope.
he's lagging so badly he could be a nubble space telescope
by moon August 01, 2004
best visual winamp plug in to ever exist
holy fuck i just totally zoned out on milkdrop.
by moon August 01, 2004
duel berreta elites in counter-strike
everyone buy duelies so we can be outlaws.
by moon March 28, 2005
The branch of an evergreen tree.
Don't go bringing that firarm in here... you'll get needles all over the floor.
by Moon February 04, 2004
an interesting and an amazing european female with big feet
Zoja stepped on me and now I can't walk
by MOon July 01, 2015
Generic adjective, probably from London, inferring positive connotations. Part of a wide selection of meaningless adjectives created by Londoners. Synonyms include bank and box.

Probably derived from an English supermarket chain.
Man, that is well sainsbury.

We is goin sainsbury innit.

You must allow that unsainsbury, she has got AIDS.
by Moon March 23, 2005
S - stoned
O - off
M - my
A - ass
im soma right now as you read this definition.
by moon August 03, 2004
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