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That ugly little wrinkle between your eyebrows that comes from frowning too much.
I wish I could get some botox for my 'FRINKLE'
by momo64 January 11, 2011
some gun toting idiot that fires a gun in public places at innocent people
That crazy 'shootard' killed 3 people!
by momo64 December 08, 2011
Floppy, untoned upper arms that keep waving even after the person stops waving.
Jenna looks great after loosing weight, except for her 'Flag-Arms, that is.
by momo64 September 07, 2011
The feeling that you've heard this kind of crap before.
While she was explaining her excuses, I had a strong sense of Deja-Poo.
by momo64 May 01, 2012

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