45 definitions by mojo

to be obsessed with earning a bob or two to the extent that your life suffers.
He's a right scrat. He's done 30 hours overtime this month.
by Mojo April 07, 2004
A korean mammal. Yet it is confused with chinese.

Harmless until disturbed and can unleash WMD.
Damn those crazypenguins.
by mojo January 19, 2004
to remove one's shirt when lifting in the fre weight room
dude, you got chest today?...you gonna bust?
by Mojo February 15, 2005
One who fedijes. A person with fedije like characteristics.
Man, davin is such a fedijio
by Mojo September 29, 2004
Someone who is obsessed with the cock dresses like a cock for halloween and smells like one,in other words they are a cock.
Greg D. vagina changed his name to Gred D. Cockmaster, what a Punto.
by mojo April 24, 2003
Unpopular, Used particularly if the target has a bad haircut
"Fuck Travis is being a tullo"
by Mojo July 24, 2003
what some call beer or a brewski (see Tedi Bruschi of the New England Patriots)
dude, when you go to the fridge can you grab me a couple Tedi's?
by Mojo February 15, 2005
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