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To poo in a circular motion creating a ice cream machine like whip effect.
David didnt like the people who were hosting the party so before he left he curled out a Mr Whippy behind their lounge curtain.
by Frostie Dan April 06, 2006
A friend or a so called mate who is so whipped for his girl that he sees her over you. Therefore being whipped like a Mr whippy ice cream.
Boi: Oi mate you coming to my shed later?
Mate: Na boi going to by gals house!
Boi: na mate you are mr whippy mate, dont melt
by Rudizzieblud? March 18, 2012
Someone who is whipped beyond belief, yet revels in this state- as experienced by recent activity such as facebook dps and bailing on mates for Seven. An Ashwin Patwardhan.
Mr Whippy: An man who becomes whipped for all seasons.
by ads77 August 31, 2010
When a sixth-grader jiggles his ring finger around like a whip and snaps you in the ear.
Oh, man! Sean took mr whippy to my ear cause I accidentally shat in his lunchbox.
by Pat Dunn June 10, 2006