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A Japanese war ship that was sunken in World War 2.
The Ayanami isn't just a anime character. In fact, it was a battleship in the 1940's.
by Moggie January 26, 2004
a. A complete and total fuckup.
b. Weirdboyscott
Quit being such a cockstorm, Scott! English isn't even Justin's first language!
by Moggie January 07, 2003
To fight another to disembowel, dismember, disfigure, and otherwise mutilate them.
Don't you make me go Story of Ricky on your ass!
by Moggie December 22, 2002
It doesn't matter how dark or bizarre, if you can think of it there will a small club dedicated solely to it in Japan.
eg. Have you seen Tokyo? Shibuya is Rule 34 ; love hotels, bestiality restaurants, sex robot love parlors, cosplay sex clubs, soapland, transvestite soapland, rape play, yakuza swingers, anime bondage, knitting bondage. It's nasty!
by moggie June 15, 2012

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