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Unreal situation where cocks are rainin' from the sky like a huge tempest of cocks.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's rainin' coks
by Ga' November 21, 2003
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a situation that is so gay that it can only be surpassed in which it were to rain cocks
carl is a cockstorm.
by steveo999269 September 05, 2007
A brainstorming session in which the members of the think tank use genitalia to develop their ideas instead of standard organizing methods.
We were up all night cockstorming for our project.
by joeoj October 14, 2007
a. A complete and total fuckup.
b. Weirdboyscott
Quit being such a cockstorm, Scott! English isn't even Justin's first language!
by Moggie January 07, 2003
1. The act of inserting an object into the male urethra (which is, in most cases, much larger than the natural size of the urethra) and pumping this object in and out of the male body until orgasm is achieved.

2. Gauging the size of the male urethra in order to accommodate objects that would otherwise be unable to fit.
I was cockstorming the other night and was able to fit a prosthetic arm into my dong.
by globalinsanity October 31, 2005

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