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4 definitions by Moggie

A Japanese war ship that was sunken in World War 2.
The Ayanami isn't just a anime character. In fact, it was a battleship in the 1940's.
by Moggie January 26, 2004
43 11
a. A complete and total fuckup.
b. Weirdboyscott
Quit being such a cockstorm, Scott! English isn't even Justin's first language!
by Moggie January 07, 2003
7 9
It doesn't matter how dark or bizarre, if you can think of it there will a small club dedicated solely to it in Japan.
eg. Have you seen Tokyo? Shibuya is Rule 34 ; love hotels, bestiality restaurants, sex robot love parlors, cosplay sex clubs, soapland, transvestite soapland, rape play, yakuza swingers, anime bondage, knitting bondage. It's nasty!
by moggie June 15, 2012
4 7
To fight another to disembowel, dismember, disfigure, and otherwise mutilate them.
Don't you make me go Story of Ricky on your ass!
by Moggie December 22, 2002
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