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22 definitions by mister delicious

Term referring to the day to day operations of a typical Police Department.
There's so much drama in this goddamn department, it's like high school with guns.
by Mister Delicious January 27, 2007
41 9
Button on your cell phone that ignores an incoming call.
My girlfriend kept calling me when I was out with my side action, but I used the pimp button every time.
by mister delicious June 24, 2007
27 5
A wonderful reason to get completely shitfaced before noon, then take a nap, and do it again that evening. Celebrated heavily from the midwest to east coast by everyone, not just exclusively Irish folks. In the Chicagoland are, Saint Patricks Day is nearly a weeklong celebration of booze and parades.
Mister Delicious is lucky as hell. His birthday is on Saint Patricks Day.
by Mister Delicious February 22, 2007
35 15
A large, portly fellow, usually of caucasion descent that feels he is better than everyone else. Typically feels he can reach goals and achievements way out of his league. However, from time to time, Big Business falls within a "grumpy" spell.
Look at Big Business over there talkin to that hot chick. There's no way he'll ever touch that!
by Mister Delicious February 22, 2007
22 6
When a cop makes a proactive arrest minutes before his shift is over so that the paperwork and booking procedures allow for a couple hours of overtime for that officer.
Tom has to be in debt nowadays, look at that collars for dollars pinch he just brought in.
by Mister Delicious May 28, 2007
9 0
to reverse a vasectomy.
Christian really wanted another kid, so he decided to flip-the-snip
by Mister Delicious February 15, 2007
9 0
Word used before, after, or during a sentence that makes it cooler
Group of hot chicks: Ben, where are you going?
Ben: I got some shit to do ladies, later 'yo.

Sweet, 'yo!

'Yo, I gotta take a shit, yo'
by mister delicious May 25, 2007
9 1