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The fat pouch under the chin of a girl who always parties.
Look at that beer neck on Shelly. She's such a bar whore
by missispokes April 18, 2009
A bunch of beers
Time for some Sparklers.
by missispokes May 05, 2012
A gross Uncle who puts bottles in his ass and hits them with a hammer until they break. Resulting in numerous ass surgery's
Bottle cap Bob is in the hospital once again for his ass play fetish with bottles.

I wonder if he can open a Corona
by missispokes April 28, 2009
Having a girl give you head why you are driving to your house so she won't know where you live.
I gave Melissa a Hooded blindfold so I won't have to worry about her stalking me.
by missispokes April 27, 2009

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