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63 definitions by miskatonic jack 2

A fascist TV program where people who actually have the guts to have their own style and be non-conformist individuals, have all their old threads/duds tossed in the trash by shallow fashion conformists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

As the two fashionistas/fascists carelessly dispose of the ambushed person's wardrobe in favor of the same sort of yuppie scum clothing that they wear (this means high heels {medically proven to cause bone deformity} for women and three piece suits for men. Nothing particularly modern here folks) they barate them with insults and never even donate their old clothing to charity (how shallow and self rightious can you get?)!

The show aparently started in Britain but the version I am currently describing is based in Manhattan Island, NY
Every episode (of What Not to Wear) features an "ambush" style confrontation and makeover of a man or (more often) a woman who has been nominated by their friends as particularly unfashionable.

All the bad feelings created by What Not to Wear keep me from watching it. But I must admit, I do find Stacy London to be very attractive, in spite of her bad taste in clothing and overzealous tude.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 September 09, 2006
A small child, roughly between the ages of 2 and 8 years, who hangs out in a back yard, usually white, usually male and usually suburban.

This was the definition used extinsively in magazine advertisements and television shows, especially comedy, during the 1980's and 90's
"Heavens to burgitroid, what is that detestable little yard ape doing in my movie? He's ruining it!

- Sir Boris von Orloff,

Eerie Indiana

from the episode "America's Scariest Home Video (a.k.a. Scariest Home Videos)"
Air Date
Sunday October 20, 1991
by Miskatonic Jack 2 June 24, 2010
The Environmental Protection Agency.
Doesn't do that much to protect the environment. Created by Richard Milhaus Tricky Dick Nixon and mostly is concerned with things that would be an "eyesore" to snobby suburbanite conformists.
The EPA says you cant collect "junk" on your property, even when you live a mile from your closest neighbor and your assemblage poses no threat to the water or air supply.

The EPA says that all abandoned buildings should at some point be demolished, regardless of their architectural or historic value.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 09, 2006
Stupid white people who may love guns, explosives (particularly when applied to a pond or lake so they can kill all the fish instantly), beer (and lots of it), cigarettes, methanphetamines, ATVs, Country Western music, Classic Rock, 80's\90's Heavy Metal for the younger set, and bands like Nickleback, Limp Bizkit, and Insane Clown Posse for the even younger set.
They tend to be the biggest conformists, particularly in the USA, and will buy the largest vehicles they can afford (anything extended cab, and if possible, a hummer).
They may live in the Country (including suburbia and exurbia), in a tiny hamlet, in a village, in a town, in a city, a metropolis, or a suburb.
Most live in metropolitan areas, where the jobs are located (although many are on welfare or earn a living through the illegal narcotics trade.
White trash have a tendency to breed like rabbits.
White trash aren't always poor, and make unwise decisions for the sake of instant gratification (see below).
White trash aren't always poor, and this becomes a huge problem when they get into alot of money. Examples of this are when they build a new ranch house (often a log "home" <see log home>) every 2 years on another 4+ acre lot, where they have cleared away all the trees. And many have 2 or more large dogs running around their house and property, and therefore get a wood floor installed all over their house for the dogs to piss on, shit on, and otherwise tear up (not an endless resource). Needless to say, they could care less about the environment. They aren't much for historic preservation either.
with over 300 million people living in the USA now 400 million not far away, Gaia help us.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 December 10, 2006
Among the most ecologically destructive devices ever invented. They bring ruin to natural areas, destroying thousands of native plant and animal species, tear up cropland (in case you don't remember that's what keeps us from starving to death) and otherwise cause severe amounts of soil erosion (which in turn degrades the water quality and aquatic habitat). For these reasons they are especially attractive to rednecks and other irresponsable people.
Tax dollars are wasted repairing the damage caused by ATVs.
There have been cases of arguments where ATV riders have actually killed farmers & property owners.
ATVs will probably destroy our country, not that the evangelicals care. They don't think our planet will be around in another 20 years anyway.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 April 24, 2007
Espanol for "Great River"

One of several rivers where the gringoes dump their shit into before reaching Mexico. All rivers that are shared by the Yanks and Mexicans flow from the EUA south into Mexico. In the case of the Colorado River, the Californians, Nevadans, and Arizonans pretty much take everything of value out of it before it flows south of the border.
Every year, thousands of illegal migrant workers wade across the Rio Grande and back for starving wages and the constant threat of being poisoned by pestacides and other leathal substances. They're the reason the Yanks can get such cheap meat and produce at the local supermarket.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 December 09, 2006
The next stage in human evolution. Highly logical and intellectual but with limited social skills.

Many Aspies are also either virgins or homosexual meaning that they prevent overpopulation by not breeding.
The character of Mr. Spock has Asperger's.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 August 04, 2010