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A (metric) unit of measure used in most countries outside the USA.

1 meter = 3.2808399 feet (USA)

A metre (m), also spelled meter, in measurement, fundamental unit of length in the metric system and in the International Systems of Units (SI). It is equal to approximately 39.37 inches in the British Imperial and United States Customary systems. The metre was historically defined by the French Academy of Sciences in 1791 as 1/10,000,000 of the quadrant of the Earth’s circumference running from the North Pole through Paris to the equator. The International Bureau of Weights and Measures in 1889 established the international prototype metre as the distance between two lines on a standard bar of 90...

- Encyclopædia Britannica
by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 20, 2010
A hamlet of around 50 people that serves as a regional centre for the huge region of Australia known as the Nullarbor Plain.
Near the Great Australian Bight, its origial location was actually along the Coast and even had a telegraph station, but a plague of rabbits destroyed all the dune vegetation and the villiage was then buried by a sandstom.
Despite such a low population, the risk for Cyclones and Earthquakes is perhaps lower there than in any other area of Australia (even though it is near the coast, which modifies the temperature to some extent)

According to Wikipedia, the name comes from the "Aboriginal word Yinculyer which one source gives as referring to the rising of the planet Venus"
"Eucla (31‹43ŒS 128‹53ŒE; post code: 6443) is the easternmost town in Western Australia, located on the Goldfields-Esperance region of Western Australia"

Eucla (or Eucla Motel) appears on all regular sized globes.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 December 10, 2006
an oxymoron.

While "urban" refers to a densely developed area, the very definition of "forest" refers to an area that is undeveloped.
While Wikipedia describes the Jefferson Memorial Forest as "the largest urban forest in the United States" it should be worth mentioning that the area it covers is surrounded by open country (mostly hilly).
by Miskatonic Jack 2 December 10, 2006
A layer or layers of something distinctive from what lies above and below, typically used to describe layers of sedimentary rock or some other sediment, but can also be used in any number of situations, literally or allegorically.
The athropocene epic will be seen, millions of years from now, as that layer of strata mostly made up of dissolved petrochemical waste, alloy rust, concrete powder and other relic substances of human technological dommination of the Earth.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 January 08, 2011
An area walkable by any able bodied person which is tied together by some common thread. It could be architectural, historical, cultural, functional... a hill, lake, pond, ditch, creek, school, shopping district, tower or other landmark the neighborhood is centered around, or a neighborhood association.
__________'s neighborhood was built between 1925 and 1935 and is centered on Chimera Hill, which it is named after. It has large and growing New Guinea Papuan-American population.

The office is on the fourth floor of the _________ building in the Tannery District, a neighborhood bordered by the Downtown (the office tower district) to the north, the Glassmaking District to the northwest, the Recording District to the northeast, Chinatown to the east, Ukranian Village to the west, Little Haiti to the southwest and Little Saigon to the southeast
by miskatonic Jack 2 November 24, 2010
A widespread phenomenon whereas a person or persons will buy a house based on it's expansive lawn because they own, or are intending to own, one or more medium to large sized dogs.
One of the leading causes of suburban sprawl, dogsprawl typically involves a ranch house set back from the street with a large open (read-a homogenously treeless lawn) back yard.
Dog Sprawl is similar to, and oftentimes accompanied by childsprawl, except that childsprawl involves children and dogsprawl involves dogs. The presence of large rambunctious yard dogs does nothing for soil productivity and it's use by future generations.
One need only watch HGTV to see the process of dogsprawl in action.
P.S. Control pet overpopulation, spay and neuter your dog.
by Miskatonic Jack 2 February 13, 2007
The Earth's most recent epoch, one marked by an explosion in the human population along with all which will likely come with it:

-Deposits in the Earth's strata coming from such products & byproducts as plastics, concrete, asphalt, metal alloys, radioactive and other toxic wastes as well as everything else added by our modern industrial and post-industrial civilization.

-Climate change

-What will likely be the Earth's 6th largest mass extinction

In just two centuries, we humans have wrought such vast and unprecedented changes to our biosphere that we actually might be ushering in a new geological time interval, and will alter the planet for millions of years.
Zalasiewicz, Williams, Steffen and Crutzen contend that recent human activity, including stunning population growth, sprawling megacities and increased use of fossil fuels, have changed the planet to such an extent that we are entering what they call the Anthropocene (New Man) Epoch.

First proposed by Crutzen more than a decade ago, the term Anthropocene has provoked controversy. However, as more potential consequences of human activity -- such as global climate change and sharp increases in plant and animal extinctions -- have emerged, Crutzen's term has gained support. Currently, the worldwide geological community is formally considering whether the Anthropocene should join the Jurassic, Cambrian and other more familiar units on the Geological Time Scale.

by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 11, 2010