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Accidentally hitting alt and tab, changing the program you are currently in. This is most irritating when you are playing an online game that takes up the entire screen.
Damnit, I alt-tabbed and lost sound. Brb gg.
by min.dan June 16, 2003
Console kill. All half-life gamers know what this is. Typing `kill in game is a suicide move. To tell someone to `kill means kill yourself. This is only used by the most 1338 online gamers.
(CT)min :: dan: `kill buddy
min :: kimble dies.
by min.dan June 16, 2003
One that switches between cheating and playing legit in online gaming. Athough usually negative, toggler can refer to one that has an unusual streak of luck.
Wow that fgt momo toggler pwned me, gfg OGC.
by min.dan June 16, 2003
Commonly pronounced SHUT TEH FACE, as spelled, STF should always be capitalized when used online. It is the most 1338 way of saying shut the fuck up cause your way n00ber than yours truly.
erik-otaku : Whatever toast, come to the next party and ill own you.
min.dan: SHUT TEH FACE.
by min.dan June 16, 2003
If pwned > owned, and qwned > pwned, then <3wned > qwned + pwned + owned. This is the mother of all ownages. This word can be pronounced heart-owned or even lessthanthreeowned. Origins are in #min gamesnet.
Wow, that double AWP shot at the end of the scrim really <3wned that n0b.
by min.dan June 16, 2003

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