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A Drug Dealer Starter Kit consists of the following:

A) 1 ounce of marijuana
B) 9 plastic sandwich baggies
C) 5-10 local potheads
D) 100 to 300 dollars depending on quality and inflation


A)Beware of self-smokage; Ration supplies
B)Never leave a bag open; it not only dries out the marijuana, but it also leaves it open to those pesky security issues.
Sorry Ralphey but the Drug Dealer Starter Kit is for ages 13 and up, you'll have to wait a couple years.

Ralphey: I'm already saving my allowance for it. (Grin)
by Mikey T January 28, 2005
What you may sometimes see only in movies, where man actually has to fight apes strategically in a war scenario.
There is some great gorilla warfare in both the movies Congo and Planet of the Apes.
by Mikey T February 05, 2005
A Japanese warplane found crashed on American soil with a dead German in the cockpit, and a camera under his seat.
That's the second Kamikazi Nazi Paparazzi that was found on Rosie O'Donell's property this month.
by Mikey T January 28, 2005
The gigantic protrusion seen in a males groin area when he is wearing pants that are far too tight.
I went to that show called the Nutcracker, and I saw nothing but Penile Bulge the entire time.
by Mikey T January 28, 2005
In the mid 21st century the Italian government will create the ultimate war machine. Half man, Half machine, All Wop.
Robowop stands at six and a half foot tall and weighs over 600 pounds. He is fully electronic, and is designed to create energy from an advanced engine that runs off spaghetti sauce.
by Mikey T February 05, 2005
(noun) The vomit of a person of Germanic descent.
Everyone please step around the blarfenstein, Barvo ate too much.
by Mikey T December 16, 2004
A fictional disease that people say a very tall person may have. The disease carrier will be over 6 foot 6 inches, appear very lanky and awkward, and often will be very obnoxious and loud.
I hung out with the basketball team yesterday and i think they all have ogritis.
by Mikey T February 05, 2005

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