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Law Enforcement Officer
That LEO is nothing but a fucking donut jockey.
by Mike December 15, 2003
the centre of all joy in a man's body
suddenly, he found his prostate, and all was right with the world
by Mike February 08, 2004
Dave Matthews Band
DMB Friggen Rules!
by Mike October 09, 2003
Derogitory for vagina, or someone who acts like a cunt.
Pass the spliff you fucking poes!
Jesus that cunteater is a slippery poes!
Dont be a poes.
by Mike May 02, 2003
One of the most useful words used for 'Crap'. Kids use it so the high-strung parents won't throw a fit.
"CRUD! My gerbil just ate my term paper!"
"What the crud is going on?"
"this is just crudtacular."
by Mike December 21, 2003
1: lets do it right now
Girl: I want you right now baby!
Guy: Sure thing sweetie, I got the rubbers right here...
by Mike August 07, 2005
South Africanism for Shit Pronunced: KUK
Excuse me while I go take a kak.
You speak more kak than Goerge Bush.
Kak in your eye poes!
by Mike May 02, 2003

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