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Homosexual in the Filipino language Tagalog
Guys named Jon Jon are baklas.
by Slothmania August 06, 2003
tagalog word for gay/ shemale.
Juan is such a fugly skinny faggot! he likes to fuck other guys and he's a big fan of watching pornographic videos (gay videos)
by juana's breast milk April 19, 2005
Word for filipinos that are non-hetero butt hole do-ers. predominantly found in barbershops in philippines or san francisco.
"yo why the hell did that guy grab that other guys wang?"
"kause he bakla"
"who allen?"
by sinigangsterdotcom April 04, 2005
Stupid ass people in Orange County.
Or something you call someone when their because a stupid ass person in Orange County.
Person #1: Is Schwag going to Big Bear tomorrow?
Person #2: No, shes being bakla.
by Markus Sidney#1 March 08, 2006
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