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The land in which all of the 1337325 live. Where nothing but numbers are spoken and video games played. This is a land of complete virginity, literally - there are only virgins
by Mike Truitt June 16, 2003
First official public celebration of Dies Natalis Invicti Solis, a pagan Roman holiday that was later co-opted by Christians to celebrate the birth of their favorite Jew. Turning the holiday into "Christmas" (in 336 AD) was part of a pattern of the church stealing various pagan festivals and feast days
by Mike Truitt June 16, 2003
The act of one robot eating another robot.

Latin roots.
If Jeffery Dohmer was a robot, he would be a mechanabalist.
by Mike Truitt June 11, 2003
After a point in the life of an enlightened being when it realizes that the religion that it so dearly represents is nothing but utter bullshit that very creature can not handle its emotions or existance anymore. It is at this time when it becomes and insANgel.

*insane - angel*
That insANgel just shot my mom in the face!!!
by Mike Truitt June 05, 2003
The worst damn kind of pig there is
by Mike Truitt August 05, 2003
The best damn marmol there is
by Mike Truitt August 02, 2003
A place where all is good and perfect. Everyone is overjoyed with their existance.

See also utopia nirvana
w00tville is the coolest
by Mike Truitt June 11, 2003

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