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My 9th grade math teacher said my math work is the base root of all evil because I used pen
Teacher: Mike, your work is the bast root of all math evil
Mike: hahahahahaha
Teacher: Go into the hall
Mike: Is that a punishment? Me leaving this class? I should be thanking you
Teacher: LEAVE
by Mike Truitt June 11, 2003
leet for me>you Meaning that I am greater than you. Generally used to show supierority after a vicotry
by Mike Truitt September 01, 2003
The worst damn kind of bones there are
by Mike Truitt August 05, 2003
The only good way to tell a woman what to do
I told her we are going to Denny's and she disagreed, so I choked the shit out of her. Dinner was good
by Mike Truitt June 18, 2003
A party in which is occupied by only dead people.
I am having a dead party and you are not invited, breather!
by Mike Truitt June 18, 2003
Used as an expression of semi-displeasure when dealing with an object that has an older age to it.
That dang ol' truck needs awashin'
by Mike Truitt June 18, 2003
In scrabble the most feeble attempt at a word to try to get rid of two letters that will never be used otherwise.
"QX" is not a word!!!
---Shut Up
by Mike Truitt August 06, 2003
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