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Quite possibly the greatest automobile in since those funny looking bikes with the really big front tire. You know what I am talking about.
by Mike Truitt June 17, 2003
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1) Very fun to say
2) The clean version of a pimpmobile
3) Pope's car
1) Popemobile!
2) I'm popein' in my popemobile!
3) Here comes Pope John Paul in his popemobile...
by Bayou Bob May 01, 2005
The totally awesome ride for the big pope dude! It has a white color finnish (I would have picked a diffrent color considering how white shows dirt really well) and has a record setting top speed of about 12 mph! If I were the pope, I'd rather have a faster set of wheels, but it's pretty unsafe already considering how the pope rides standing up without a seatbelt. Seriously! What's wrong with these people; do they want the pope to die in a car accident or something?! I mean, the thing doesn't even have airbags! Over all, it's just a big truck from the eighties or something with a glass refrigerator in the back, (that must make the pope aweful hot in there on sunny days...) and a gas pedal with a brick behind it. It's my opinion that that Xzibit guy should pimp the pope's ride, that would be sweet!
"Did you see the pope go by just now!"

"Yeah! He was joy-ridding in his popemobile!"
by Cynthia Smith May 26, 2006
Like the Batmobile, but adhearing to the speed limits
Bless this drive by, and I will take fries with that
by umpirestrikesback June 22, 2005
The heavily armoured car driven by Pope John Paul.
Pope John Paul: Pro Popemobile
by Zippo April 14, 2005
The Vatican's outrageous see-thru vehicle orb in which the Pope rides..A shiny glass encased dome of catholic Mercedes goodness. It also has an hydraulic chair to life the Pope master inside.
If gang members knew the effectiveness of the popemobile, they would be investing in the same vehicles for drive-bys.
by zincink January 16, 2009
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