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(v.) To look in one's locker room (generally female) and sneak a peek of the goods.
Charles decided that for his 52nd birthday, he would go into the girls locker room at the Y and sneek a peek.
by midgetsnatcher March 15, 2004
(v): to engage in battle with a grizzly bear over a spoiled tomato; to consume one's soul.
Jorge wanted that tomato real bad, so he had to wage stabbajiggafoo on the nearby grizzly bear for it; Bobbins wanted Richie Rich's soul, so he engaged in stabbajiggafoo to get it
by midgetsnatcher August 13, 2003
(n); badass who plunders (money, woman, or otherwise) and strides about with a hitch in his step.
Beasles is a saucy pirate
by midgetsnatcher August 21, 2003
(n); mutant beast consisting of half chupacabra and half goblin. Generally eats small children and those who oppose its all mighty creator.
Jordan had to unleash his chupagoblin on his mormon friends, after they called his project ghoulish and unholy.
by midgetsnatcher August 21, 2003
(v); To engage in hunts for mystical creatures, such as the chupacabra, goblins, trolls, gorlochs, gila monsters and other such business; To wheeze heavily after being chased by sloth from the goonies.
We went on a shaflamigan excursion and lost half our party to a gorloch; Some fat ass kid was shflamiganizing after a close encounter with Sloth.
by midgetsnatcher August 21, 2003
(v.) To jam ones hand into a toaster and consequently travel back in time; To bamboozle and/or thieve ones kidneys
Rufus was eaten by a T-Rex after he had a bout with the toaster and scruffletruffled; Jane scruffletruffled John's kidney, after he punched hers
by midgetsnatcher October 01, 2003
(v.) To flail ones penis at a small child; To stick ones penis in a light socket.
Old man Peterson liked the small boy so much that he decided to dickoff in front of him; The retard saw a light socket and decided to dickoff
by midgetsnatcher October 01, 2003
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