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Almost a city, Fernley is a small roundabout on your way to Reno, NV. Points of interest include an Amazon dist. center responsible for 45% of Lyon County's employment, a high-risk middle school/ high school, a urine stained race track and a redbox. Citizens of Fernley are usually upper-lower-lower class people with a median income of $12,538. To combat their low-income they, like cats, often become roommates with one-another and sleep in piles to save money on blankets/heating. Fernley is only a terrifying 15 minute drive to Silver Springs. This is terrifying as it's easy for inhabitants of Silver Springs to enter Fernley and shop for groceries. To combat this, the only point of entry from Silver Springs is fortified by a steep hill that makes it difficult for Silver Springers to enter as they own cheap autos, or simply can't afford the gas. Regardless, most Silver Springs high school graduates eventually move to Fernley with aspirations of working at the Wendy's, only an elite few are accepted. Fernley is often referred to as Ferntucky by Nevada's white trash population, no-one knows why. Not much is known about the school system other than a big "FU" made out of rocks on the mountain behind it. This is thought to be a deterrent for middle class and higher tourists. Fernley ranks #4 in Nv for meth usage, #2 for racism, #1 for most Silver Springs graduates, and #1 for Nevada's most questionable Wal-Mart.
Friend 1: Hey want to go to Fernley to go watch the racetrack?
Friend 2: No, last time I was there the bleachers were covered in either beer or piss, couldn't tell.
Friend1: Well shit, look at the fancy out-of-towner, too good to sit in beer-piss like the rest of us.
Friend 2:...
by NobamaFTW February 20, 2013
A ghetto little town in Nevada, all there is to do it party and hook up with hot older guys
What's there to do today? I dunno, we're in Fernley, lets party
by jmsmith August 11, 2011
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