17 definitions by midgetsnatcher

(n); One who lives in a trash can, usually retarded or stricken with the plague; one who flails their beef curtains in the wind.
Rufus was considered to be bumtrashican by his friends after they saw him digging through the trash at krispy kreme; Suzie is bumtrashican because she likes to let her beef curtains flop in the wind for all of the boys in Fernley.
by midgetsnatcher August 18, 2003
(v); To come to one's house at 10:15 P.M unannounced and bitch one out about supposedly telling others about having a "crack" problem.
Bree Casper bitchaccused Beasles
by midgetsnatcher August 21, 2003
(n); sneaky china man that worked on the transcontinental railroad (Usually up in the Sierras); Sneaky jap
The yokomotive fucked up while he was working on the railroad, so he was brutally slaughtered; Lisa is a sneaky yokomotive
by midgetsnatcher August 21, 2003

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