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307 definitions by michael

To be equally facile with either hand.
My brother is a freak. He can eat noodles using chopsticks with both hands. He says he's ambidextrous.
by michael November 09, 2003
People Like Us. A subtle reference to people of the same socio-economic class.
I really like that private school around the corner. They parents there are people like us.
by Michael May 31, 2003
The sound one makes by placing his or her face in cleavage and shaking their face back and forth while exhaling creating a "brrrrrrp rrrrp rrrrp rrrrp" sound.
The hummer she gave me was so good, I gave her a speedboat as my way of saying thanks.
by Michael October 20, 2005
A voluntary unpaid police officer with all the same powers as a regular police constable.
Michael - a special constable
by Michael November 29, 2004
To get sued by the RIAA.
ohhhhh you just got riaa'd for downloadin' some hot beats, tell me whatcha gonna do? ACT A FOOL!!!
by michael June 25, 2004
another name for spunk, sperm, vagina jam.
oh my god, you have sex wee on your jeans
by michael January 30, 2004
In need of something
I was jonzin for some sex, drugs, blee last night.
by michael May 05, 2003