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an online homework site that will make any natural science major want to quit the internet. it culls those who are truly worthy of science from the rest.
Allison (pre-law):...you're STILL a science major? wtf.
~2 hours later~
Priyanka: I need to draw diagrams, see if mass cancels, and solve for acceleration, then use kinematics to find speed.
Allison:...are you speaking English?
by maythederivativebewithyou November 01, 2009
A slang term for a medically documented case of a person with a shallow vagina.
Anne: "Well I for one know that my doctor has told me that I have a shallow vagina. And when a man thrusts during intercourse, it HURTS"

Others:*snickering*she's got a SHAGINA.
by maythederivativebewithyou November 03, 2009
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