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poppin pills, bay area, popularized by Mac Dre of Vallejo
Not just a thiz user ima thiz owner
by Lisa February 23, 2005
intoxicated with ecstasy
i'm thizzin right now
by DJ Morris January 12, 2004
fucked up off dat "E" pill
Niggas in da club thizzin' of dat E.
by Nikko February 04, 2004
1. High off of extacy
2. A version off dance
Thizzin doesnt just mean high it means going hella dumb having and going going till were gone (lyrics from Mistah F.A.B)

Man hes high naaa hes thizzin

Thizz dance (mac dre)
by J-Chron July 10, 2008
The feelin' you get when your trippen off of an X pill; thizzed out
I just popped an X pill and i'm thizzin' (feelin the pill)
by Shanaynay June 19, 2006
The condition of being high on drugs
Thizzin is high, and perkin is drunk.
by Beans-n-Fixins August 02, 2007
whenever you're trippin off of drugs.
damn, that kid was hella thizzin .
by riko suave` June 27, 2005
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