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A homosexual couple's counterpart to the housewife. When only one man in a gay couple is a breadwinner, out earning income for the couple, the one that tends to house affairs is a "stay at homo." This term was coined by Howie Chapman in fall 2007.
"Phil works like a machine. He gets a lot of support from John, his stay-at-homo."
by maxkeepsitreal1 November 26, 2007
the accidental sending of an email before one finishes writing it
Premature emailulation has been a real problem for me since switching to gmail. That send key keeps getting pressed.

I was writing an apology letter to Carol and prematurely emailulated right in the middle of a sentence. It was really embarassing.
by maxkeepsitreal1 January 10, 2007
A person of east Indian ethnic origin with a twin.
Rajiv, we should go hit on those twindians.
by maxkeepsitreal1 August 03, 2008
A tranvestite who isn't fooling anyone.
Look at that manvestite. That is some really half-hearted cross-dressing!
by maxkeepsitreal1 August 24, 2007
A finger inserted into a man's anus during fellatio for the purpose of stimulating the prostate to intensify orgasm.
I thought I knew what pleasure was until Amelie used her French blowjob finger on me. A life-changing experience.

She has the best French blowjob finger I've seen since I was fo'teen.
by maxkeepsitreal1 February 20, 2010
An extreme variety of multitasking, othertasking is the act of totally ignoring a present, serious task for another, usually less serious, task. Such behavior is only true othertasking if it is couched in the fiction that both tasks are being worked on.
"I really needed to watch the last half hour of that movie, but I was stuck in class, so I turned on my computer, put my earphones in and othertasked the movie. Way more efficient than just skipping class."

"There is no way I can write this essay and finish this crossword in the next hour... that is, unless I sit in front of my computer with the essay in front of me and othertask the crossword."
by maxkeepsitreal1 May 18, 2008
To present oneself extravagantly. Rolling baller usually involves an ostentatious display of wealth, but it also implies a certain attitude of not-giving-a-fuck-ness.
I thought we were keeping it pretty real, until Eli Manning showed up in a Bentley filled with hot women and champagne. That guy can roll baller, man.
by maxkeepsitreal1 March 10, 2008

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