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A girl that has been through so much shit, and doesn't have any idea how beautiful she is on the inside and out. She is confused and fucks up sometimes. She will be there when you need her. She tries to stay strong but sometimes being strong is not an option with the shit she gets put through. She is the most amazing girl on earth. She is hilarious and just different. She needs to be guided sometimes but only when she isn't understood the way she needs to be. All she ever wants is for people to except her for her and to be loved.
Danyelle is amazing forever.
by Reallybishreally October 19, 2011
An outgoing, fun, cool person. Danyelle likes to both work and party hard. She is always the celebrity wherever she goes.
Danyelle is a very good friend.
by aranel elena February 06, 2010
A Dan'Yelle is that one person that you know you want to be with for the rest of your life, a person whom you want to marry and start a family with. A Dan'Yelle tends to love and care about everyone and everything, always wanting the best and always striving to make everyone happy. A Dan'Yelle can also be confused, but in the end will do what she knows to be right. When you're with a Dan'Yelle, you know everything is going to be alright.
Tyler - Derek, I think I found my Dan'Yelle.Derek - How do you know she's the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with?Tyler - When you know, you know.
by Tyler "the other" Samse February 10, 2009
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